Univeral Yoga 

The Knowledge of Yoga came from India but it is for the whole world. This is why it is a universal knowledge.

In sanskrit Yoga means Union - The Union of Body, Mind and Spirit. The state of Yoga can be attained through a combination and practise of Asanas or Postures , Pranayama or Breathing Techniques


Having a loving feeling  for yourself and all people and creatures in the world.

The original sanskrit word for yoga is Yog which means "to yoke". Yoga originated from India thousands of years ago but the knowledge is for the whole of mankind. Seers or Rishis realised postures in deep meditation and also by observing animals. With that knowledge they created sequences of postures or asanas.

The Practise of Yoga helps to live a healthy life, make us feel better and lighter. Our bodies feel better and relaxes our mind.

When the mind relaxes, the body relaxes and leads to meditation.